Our Online & Interactive Mosaic can be run in conjunction with an event Mosaic Wall and Live Digital Mosaic. Alternatively may require your mosaic campaign to be online only.

Event Linked:

When the Online Mosaic is run in conjunction with an event activation it enables viewers from around the world to join in with guests present at the venue. They can upload their images via social media. Those present at the event can view the mosaic via a URL and find the image of themselves using the tile finder tool.

Online Only:

Pictures will generally be sourced via social media.  Guests can upload photos and selfies, tag them with a unique hashtag. Our software will automatically download the images for processing, which will often include a moderation step to ensure the images are appropriate.


The online platform enables you to engage with millions of users/customers across the country or globally. 

platform engages and provides a unique opportunity to connect with fans, supporters, or employees all while creating an amazing mosaic. With dozens of interactive features and options, along with two great platforms to choose from, your mosaic campaign will be as unique as all of the photos in it.

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